Shed Kits Or Building A Shed From Scratch?

If you are in need of a shed at your home, then you may know that you have some options from which to choose. Of course you can hire a professional to build a shed for you. But many people like to make this a DIY project.

If you would like to build your shed for yourself, then you need to make sure that you start out with a good plan. You cannot simply dive right into building it. If you do not make a good plan for your shed as your first step, then your home project will end up a disaster. This is not to say that building a shed yourself is an extremely difficult endeavor. However, you need to evaluate your ability to undertake this task, both in your skill level as well as the time you have available.

Now that you have decided that you are going to build this shed yourself, you must explore the types of sheds available to you. Again, the first step is a set of plans. You can purchase plans that are already drawn up and have a design determined for you. Or you can build your shed from your own imagination and use pre-drafted plans as a reference. You can also buy a shed kit.

There are certainly many benefits to using a shed kit when engaging in this do it yourself project. First, using a shed kit makes the construction of your shed very easy. If you get yourself a decent shed kit, your shed can be built in a matter of one to two days. In addition, if you use a shed kit, it is practically impossible to screw the job up.

Shed kits come with all of the pieces already cut out for you, leaving very little room for error on your part. And even if you mess up along the way, with a shed kit you can easily find your error and remedy quite easily and quickly. The main requirement on your part with a shed kit is to read and follow the instructions that come with the kit.

Yet another great reason to go with a shed kit is that they are manufactured serially, which means that each one has been sold, built, tested, and fixed. What this means for you is that the kit and its design has a proven track record. And if you want more input, you can find reviews online from people who have used the particular kit that you are interested, so you can be reassured that the one you intend to use is best for you.

As with all things, where there is good there is also bad. If you choose to purchase a shed kit, you should keep in mind that they are not inexpensive. Indeed, the kits that are more complex and of higher quality can cost up to thousands of dollars per piece! There is an additional cost to you if you purchase your shed kit online as you will have to pay for shipping and handling costs, not to mention the fact that you will have to wait to build your shed until it arrives.

If you want to avoid the wait and added cost associated with ordering your kit online, you can find some shed kits at a home improvement store in your area. However, you will be much more limited in your options as the physical store will not carry as many varieties of shed kits. They may have more options available but which are not physically present in the store, but then once again you will have to wait or your kit to be delivered.

If you use a shed kit to build your shed, then you also are placing a limit on the various options your shed can have. Moreover, you cannot stray from the plans at all, either in design or materials used. Some people prefer to have more of a hand in the design and options for their shed. However, others may love the fact that the work is basically done for them.

Instead of a shed kit, you can also build your shed from scratch or using a set of plans. The internet is a great resource for ready-made shed plans which you can purchase from somewhere between $5 and $30. You can also go to the home improvement store and buy pre-printed plans, which usually have a price tag of up to $50. Then you will have to purchase the materials called for in the plans, as well as any tools you do not already own but which are required for the job. However, building a shed this way will undoubtedly cost you less money than if you use a kit.

Using a set of plans also allows you to make your own desired changes in the design or materials used, unlike when you use a kit. Although plans will provide you with specific measurements and how to build the shed, if you have a little bit of know-how, you can customize your shed a little bit.

One difficulty in building your shed using plans instead of a kit is the fact that it is much more difficult of a task. You will want to do this only if you truly have the capability and are not a novice. Doing it yourself also means it will take more time to build your shed, so make sure you have the time to commit to this job. It is possible that your shed can take over a week to build, depending on the complexity of the design.

Be prepared to have extra materials on hand as some will end up getting wasted. In addition, know up front that things can and likely will go wrong during this job.

Building a shed from scratch or using a shed kit is a decision that only you can make, and should be based considering all factors. Choose the option that will work best for you, and then enjoy your do it yourself project.

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